Wahjuadji Soepanto


At present is an active Information Management professional at Qatar Petroleum. Having an Earth Science educational background and have built up vast and continues (more than 30 years) hands on experience in the Oil and Gas industry, working at multinational companies with multi-cultural working environment. Main functions and responsibilities are Development Geophysicist, and Information Management Analyst.

Currently is actively pursuing a new challenge as a Professional Coach.

Coaching & Professional Client:

Newly joined as an Associate Business Coach with Hijrah Coach.  Currently, is in the process to complete the Certified Business Hijrah Coach (CBHC) and Professional Business Hijrah Coach (PBHC)

Coaching Credential:

PBHC (Professional Business Hijrah Coach), CBHC (Certified Business Hijrah Coach), CHMP (Certified Hijrah Mind Practitioner).

Background & Expertise:

A Bachelor of Science graduate majoring in Applied Geology from the Institute of Technology Bandung. Have built up a long standing (more than 30 years) of remarkable professional career in the oil and gas industry. Gaining hands on experience, initially as a Development Geophysicist (8 years), and subsequently continued as an Information Management Analyst (dealing with geological & geophysical data, and business records as well).

Have been as an integral part of the strategic and productive team in multinational companies in Indonesia and overseas, and enjoyed the multi-cultural and international standard working environment. Lately, is heavily involved in the strategic plan to establish an integrated corporate information/records management program and provide mentoring and coaching to the local young professionals.

Now is also pursuing for a new challenge and further personal development, as a Professional Coach.

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