Coaching will help a person to step back, see the big picture, grow and develop their own skills, coaching can help you better understand your issues, become more aware of your perceptions, beliefs, habits, attitudes, behaviors, competencies, values and your identity.

Our Certified Professional Coach who has experience will be ready to be your partner to help you in achieving a goal that you set, it will be done through the coaching process, with one on one coaching method, or group coaching for the team.

Specifically, if you are a business owner or entrepreneur, your goal is to unlock unlimited potential, get the breakthrough and with the proper guidance you can – that is why you need a Business Coach. Business Coach from Hijrah Coach has fully equipped with Hijrah Coach Business Coaching Framework that has proven effective and powerful in improving not only for client’s business but also their personality.

Coaching also carried out for certain areas of personal development according to the client needs, it might be covering these areas:

Corporate Workshop and Bootcamp

Hijrah Coach with capabilities in the area of Coaching and Neuroscience, helped many companies as partner in developing employee competencies with unique methodology. The program is designed in accordance with company needs (customized) in workshop format with active learning methods that have big impact.

Coaching Competency for Leader

A coaching competency training program for leaders in the company ranging from manager to executive level with the objective to equip them with the right coaching skill to conduct coaching session for their team, successors or anyone in the organization.

Leadership Transformation Bootcamp

A comprehensive program designed to provide awareness of participants as individuals and team who must grow with their potential and how to become effective people who are able to contribute and collaborate to form a solid team

Neuroscience – Neurological Dominance Workshop

Is one of the leading workshops by Hijrah Coach which have done in many corporates, which generate big impact of employee awareness and behavior change, especially in understanding their potential, communicating, building relationship and effective collaboration in team.

The workshop start with Hijrah MiND (MyBrain Indicator of Neurological Dominance) profiling for participants, then in the workshop, the tool results will be discussed, giving insight how to maximize their dominants to build a solid team in the organization.

Neurological Dominance Profiling

Hijrah Coach is the only institution in Indonesia that has a license to use neurological dominance tools from our partner, MyBrain International from the United Kingdom.

With this neurological dominance tool, we can help you understand which dominant areas of your brain are your energy and motivation points, and which are your blind spots. By understanding neurological dominance, you can maximize the potential you have to grow in achieving your personal and professional success.

In addition to individual profiling, neurological dominance tools can be used for group or team profiling. So that we can understand what the dominant behaviour of team members and the team itself. So the leader and his team can build a solid teamwork and perform with their potential.


Is a public workshop program organized by Hijrah coach with international certification and the graduates meet the requirements to become professionals in their fields. Two certification programs available are:

  1. Certified Business Hijrah Coach (CBHC) which has accreditation from ICF (International Coaching Federation)
  2. Certified Hijrah MiND Practitioner (CHMP) which has accreditation from MYBrain International in the UK

More about Certification? Please visit the CERTIFICATION tab

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