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Certified Hijrah Mind Practitioner (CHMP)

Is The 22-Hour Neurological Dominance Practitioner Competency Program, Accredited by MyBrain International Limited (UK) & CCE (Continuing Coaching Education) From International Coach Federation (ICF)

11-13 & 19-20 Desember 2020

08:30-11.30 WIB

Certified Hijrah Mind Practitioner (CHMP)

Is The 22-Hour Neurological Dominance Practitioner Competency Program, Accredited by MyBrain International Limited (UK) & CCE (Continuing Coaching Education) From International Coach Federation (ICF)

11-13 & 19-20 Desember 2020

08:30-11.30 WIB

Maybe you’re annoyed when having a conversation with someone whose opinions and/or words are on the wrong side of the track, without understanding what you’ve been trying to say.

When this happens, we say things like; “we’re on different wave-lengths”. What is actually happening is that each person perceives the world in a different way; we think differently, probably use different words to describe things and have different perspectives on the same subject.

These differences exist because our brains work differently. The same reason why someone might be good at math, yet struggling with language –

It’s got nothing to do with intelligence, but everything to do with The Neurological Dominance.

Neurological dominance is a term used to describe the way in which our preferred thinking style and personality is influenced by the physical attributes of our brains.

Just like physical dominance, Neurological Dominance provides us an automatic response to any given situation. Our neural network makes it easier for us to think in ways that are consistent with our preferences.

As a result, a person’s energy and motivation is directed according to one’s neurological preferences, which is why we all have different personalities and exhibit different preferences for the way we think and behave.


It helps people understand why they are good at some things but less good at others. Why they are more motivated to get involved in certain tasks and tune out at other activities.

People lack confidence when they feel that they cannot do something or that other people are better. By understanding their personal Neurological Dominance profile, we find that people are more confident in using their strengths, more accepting of their weaknesses and more tolerant of the weaknesses of other people.

Because everyone is different, an understanding of Neurological Dominance can help people be more effective in influencing and persuading people. Understanding these differences and learning how to recognise them enables people to tailor their approach accordingly.

For a team to achieve its potential it is important that the members of the team work together to complement one another; Running a Neurological Dominance workshop will enable team members to better understand the preferences of their colleagues and learn where the strengths and weaknesses of the group lie

A lot of people have made career decisions based on factors such as pay, perks or location. Yet research suggests that the most successful people succeed because they are in jobs that they are suited to and enjoy. By understanding their Neurological Dominance profile, people are better able to match their career choices to their personal profile, thereby reducing stress and improving their performance

Why You Should Get the Certification

You will get 1 credit for personal profile & 2 credits for practice with probono client). For online course you will get only 2 credits

By having an account on the MyBrain portal, and the credit you have, you can do NEUROLOGICAL DOMINANCE profiling to your clients both paid and probono.

As a practitioner you can also help your family and friends who will build their self-awareness about their preferences, what their preferred thinking style is, the implications of that, and the impact of their dominances on others. You can help them to be able to understand their areas of strength and challenges and build self confidence in tackling new situations.

Upon successful completion of the programme you will be entitled to use the title “Hijrah MiND Practitioner” and You will become a member of Global MyBrain International Practitioner community

International Accreditation

MyBrain International

are the creators of MiND (MyBrain Indicator of Neurological Dominance), the world's only neurometric profiling tool. MyBrain International is a company dedicated to furthering the understanding of the way in which a person’s physical brain influences their every-day lives.

Continuing Coach Education (CCE)

Continuing Coach Education (CCE) is intended for third-party training providers who are interested in having their training program accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Business Opportunity

After you complete the whole program, you are official to become as a Certified Hijrah Mind & MyBrain Neurological Dominance Practitioner. You are allowed to get your own Hijrah Mind clients and run your own workshops.  Here is the sell price:

  • For Group : Rp750.000,- / pax
  • For Individual : Rp1.500.000,- / pax

After reduced by license / credit fee, you will get attractive profit sharing.

and it is needed by many organizations and companies to support the success of achieving their goals. The excerpt from two articles below give us an overview of how both are applied.

Neuroscience, it turns out, can help change how companies think about new opportunities, and specifically, within the emerging field of applied neuroscience.

Applied neuroscience is best described as the use of neuroscience tools and insights to measure and understand human behavior. Using applied neuroscience, leaders are able to generate data about critical moments of decision making, and then use this data to make confident choices that help to navigate the future of an initiative. [Harvard Business Review,2019]

Anyone responsible for identifying talent, developing talent, and improving performance should strengthen their understanding of neurological dominance.

The dominance of different brain areas and senses provides a framework that helps people identify and understand their natural talents and personal preferences, as well as those of colleagues, peers, and managers. It also has numerous applications for relationships, teamwork, and whole brain communication. Alignment between people’s neurological dominance and what they do explains why people are passionate about their jobs, energized, engaged, and in flow.

People make companies great. To grow a company from good to great, the talent development professionals in that company need to develop happy, engaged workers who are top performers. [ATD-Association for Talent Development, 2017]

Who are Program Instructors

International Certified and Award Winning Business Coach. Peraih “100 best global coaching leaders” award 2017, 2018, 2019. Founder, CEO, dan Master Coach – Hijrah Coach. 

Accredited by 4 major world coaching institutions: ICF, WABC, EMCC dan Erickson Coaching. Program Developer & Chief of Instructor of ICF ACSTH Program: Certified Business Hijrah Coach (CBHC). Master Trainer, Master Practitioner. Program Developer & Chief of Instructor of Certified Hijrah Mind Practitioner (CHMP) yang terakreditasi oleh MyBrain – UK & CEE dari ICF.

Who Should Join?

Leader, Manager, Supervisor, Human Resources Management, Human Resources Department, Learning and Development, Organizational Development, Business Owner, Prospect Leader, Sales & Marketing Person/People, dan Pemimpin institusi yang berkomitmen kuat untuk tumbuh dan berkembang

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