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The training which followed by coaching method (based on research) proved effective for increasing productivity by up to 400%, while training and mentoring alone only increased by 42%.

The personal benefits of coaching are as wide-ranging as the individuals involved. Numerous clients report that coaching positively impacted their careers as well as their lives by helping them to..

  1. Build personal awareness

A coach can inspire individual ideas for ways to improve themselves, but more importantly they can help themselves become aware of “blind spots”. These blind spots are work areas or personalities of individuals that they might not see

  1. Increase Motivation

Through coaching, a person will be made aware of clear goals, namely finding personal goals to be achieved. When “what you want to achieve” in a person has been explored, then he will automatically be motivated. The motivation obtained is sourced from internal or internal motivation.

  1. Launch Individual and Team Performance

Coaching can make someone aware of what is important in their lives and careers. With coaching, coachees will be invited to always think creatively so they can achieve the best performance

  1. Increased ability to overcome problems

Coaching will help someone in recognizing their potential and maximizing it. Coaching will inspire and make us think of a solution

  1. Deeper levels of learning

Coaching not only enhances individual skills at work, but also learns to a deeper level. Through coaching, an individual can learn more about themselves. They can find out how they are perceived by others and improve their areas of personality and even their lives that they feel are not satisfied


Coaching is rewarding and satisfying

Coaches gain satisfaction helping people develop and achieve their goals. An opportunity to make a difference and see first-hand the impact on other peoples’ lives and a chance to give something back are all well documented satisfying rewards

Coaching accelerates a coach own personal and professional development

Coaching often takes place in a fast-paced environment that accelerates personal growth and development.  As people learn from each other, so the coaches continue to learn at a rapid pace too

Coaching expands professional networks and communities

Whether running your own company or working for an organisation, success as a commercial coach often lies with the ability to develop personal and professional networks.

Flexibility to live and work where you want

As coaching can be carried out over the telephone or with the use of video conference application, actual geographical location is flexible. A coaching practice is portable and gives freedom in travel and work options.  This model supports part-time working from home, or the opportunity to build a business up whilst continuing other employment

Quick entry to the profession

As a newly trained coach, it’s important to ‘coach while you learn and learn while you coach’. The majority of The Coaching Academy coaches start their own full-time businesses, whilst others work part-time.  Others gain coaching training to enhance results within their current employment.


  • The CBHC program is accredited by international coaching institutions (ICF)
  • It’s easier to learn and practice coaching skills because through a gradual learning process with the Hijrah Coaching Structure and mentoring sessions by the master coach
  • By completing two modules of CBHC and fulfil the requirements you can apply for an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) level credential from ICF
  • Become part of a global Coach network graduated from Hijrah Coach not only in Indonesia, but also in Australia, Hong Kong, and Qatar
  • You can use your coaching skills to start your own full-time businesses, others work part-time, and many acquire coach training to enhance your results within your current profession

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification and building a worldwide network of trained coaching professionals.

The Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) is the first global professional association to exclusively represent the business coaching industry. Since its inception in 1997, WABC has dedicated itself to raising the profile of business coaching—still an emerging profession—and to differentiating it from coaching in general. By engaging in disciplined self-regulatory activities to increase public trust, WABC has done more than any other organization to identify the tasks, qualities and skills of the business coach


Established in 1980, Erickson is one of the most recognized coach training institutions in the world and offers ICF-certified training online and on-site in the USA, Canada, and globally.


The European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) provides coaching and mentoring professional accreditation, as well as support and guidance to the coaching and mentoring profession and for its members.


Marshall’s highly successful approach to executive development and coaching includes a strong emphasis on involvement of stakeholders, implementation of change and follow-through to measure growth in leadership effectiveness.


As most companies are tightening their belts, they seek better results with fewer resources. Coaching has become a significant trend in leadership development because it delivers results by increasing effectiveness and empowering employees.

Highly renowned companies have realized coaching is an effective tool to advance their business and achieve their goals. Major corporations from a variety of business sectors have turned to coaching to improve their businesses, including IBM, Nike, Verizon and Coca-Cola Enterprises.

A Fortune 500 company wanted to study the ROI of Executive Coaching. They found that 77% of respondents indicated that coaching had a significant impact on at least one of nine business measures.

Their study concluded that Executive Coaching produced a 788% ROI. The study noted that excluding the benefits from employee retention, a 529% ROI was produced. (Executive Briefing: Case Study on the ROI of Executive Coaching, Merrill C. Anderson, Ph.D., MetrixGlobal, LLC)



International Certified and Award Winning Business Coach. Peraih “100 best global coaching leaders” award 2017, 2018, 2019. Founder, CEO, dan Master Coach – Hijrah Coach. Pemegang 3 Internasional Coaching Credential (PCC, ECPC, dan CMC).

Diakreditasi oleh 5 lembaga besar coaching dunia: ICF, WABC, EMCC, Erickson Coaching, dan Marshall Goldsmith. Program Developer & Chief of Instructor of ICF ACSTH Program: Certified Business Hijrah Coach (CBHC).  Program Developer & Chief of Instructor of Certified Hijrah Mind Practitioner (CHMP)


Leaders, CEO, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Business Consultant, Professionals, Managers, HR Professionals, Trainers or anyone who want to develop self-leadership and having passion in developing others


In Class Training

  • 3 days (Module 1), 3 days (Module 2)
  • 60 training hours

Online Training

  • 6 sessions (Module 1), 6 sessions (Module 2)
  • 3.5 hours per session

Post Training

  •       6 hours mentoring

 Module 1: Business Coaching Competencies

  • Coaching Fundamentals
  • Coaching Structure
  • Coaching Base
  • Coaching Relationship
  • Setting Destination
  • Experience & Awareness
  • Action Orientation
  • Closing

 Module 2: Business Coaching Application & Tools

  • Coaching for Business Transformation
  • Coaching for Strategy & Planning
  • Coaching for Time Management
  • Coaching for Bussiness Challenge Discovery
  • Code of Ethics & Professional Standard

  1. In Class
  • Main Session : 60 hours (6 days) – Lecture, Demo Coaching, 1on1 Coaching Exercise, Triad Coaching Exercise, Observed Coaching Session, Facilitator Feedback
  • Post Session :  6 hours – Observed Practice Coaching, Mentoring, Feedback
  1. Online
  • Main Session : 12 session @  3,5 hours in 6 different days
  • Post Session :  6 hours mentoring

Normal Price:

In Class

  • CBHC Modul 1 Rp 10.000.000,-
  • CBHC Modul 2 Rp 10.000.000,-
  • CBHC Modul 1&2 Rp 17.500.000,-

To get following Early Bird Price:

  • CBHC Modul 1 Rp   5000.000,-
  • CBHC Modul 2 Rp   5000.000,-
  • CBHC Modul 1&2 Rp 12.500.000,-


  • CBHC Modul 1 Rp   5000.000,-
  • CBHC Modul 2 Rp   5000.000,-
  • CBHC Modul 1&2 Rp 12.500.000,-

To get following Early Bird Price:

  • CBHC Modul 1 Rp   5000.000,-
  • CBHC Modul 2 Rp   5000.000,-
  • CBHC Modul 1&2 Rp 10.000.000,-

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